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Farming, green-housing and organic growth require very special tax applications. L&V's seasoned experience with agricultural issues can result in effective tax, treasury and trade planning. We will help you achieve your long-term objectives.
Entertainment and hospitality organizations have very specific needs. We understand the fast moving pace you operate under day-to day. L&V focuses on the complex issues of the entertainment and hospitality businesses and provides effective, practical and concise solutions for your organization.
L&V is committed to optimizing capacity for its publicly owned small cap, mid cap, and privately held manufacturers enabling our clients to create value for their business and shareholders. We will collaborate with you in achieving your business initiatives, risk profiles and strategic objectives. Our staff focuses on your organization's core competencies providing practical and concise solutions for improving company performance. We can formulate and execute tax & treasury applications and planning initiatives, which could include policy & procedure, process efficiencies, supply chain trade compliance & logistics programs, credit & receivables re-engineering, and forensic accounting.
Not For Profit
L&V's programs assist education organizations, business and civic groups, and private foundations to meet their strategic objectives. We can assist you with all your tax compliance, treasury planning, financing arrangements and other related programs.
Professional Services
At L&V, we provide clients with industry-specific practical and concise solutions. We specifically focus on tax, treasury and trade services. Our experienced staff is there to assist you in mitigating critical issues and achieving your tactical, strategic objectives.
Appetite for risk runs prevalent in the retail industry. The demands and accountability within a retail organization can be stressful as the operation moves very quickly. Each organization must stay ahead of the competitive curve to survive and meet its margin goals. L&V is here to assist you with your strategic initiatives. We will identify operational risk and deliver to you practical and concise solutions. We focus on the needs of your business; treasury, chain expansion, divestment, trade requirements or tax deliverables; L&V is your strategic partner.
Technology is defined as: 1) Human innovation in action that involves the generation of knowledge and processes to develop systems that solve problems and extend human capabilities. 2) The innovation, change, or modification of the natural environment to satisfy perceived human needs and wants. Technological advances on many different platforms have emerged with lightening speed and continue to do so. L&V's professionals repond quickly to the ever changing needs of our technology clients. We deliver practical and concise solutions tailored to the industry's demanding environment. Our partnership with your organization enables us to execute effective tax, treasury and trade planning solutions. In addition, we provide executive coaching and human resource consulting, strategic business forecasting & planning, mergers & acquisitions diligence and contingency planning.
Distributors and supply chain management. At L&V, we understand the needs of the wholesale industry and can execute and deliver effective strategies that maximize your efficiencies. Our programs partner with you to provide practical and concise solutions. Our focus is on tax and treasury solutions, domestic and international trade programs, interrelated agreements, supply chain management efficiencies, and transportation consolidations.

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