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Cash Flow Management

'Failure is not an option.'
- Gene Kranz

L&V's comprehensive review of your organizations cash and liquidity management needs enable us to execute practical and concise policy and procedures for improving cash flow, and effectively optimize company liquidity. Through the use of our programs, policies and practices, the results you achieve will increase operational efficiencies, improve margins by driving down transactions costs, improve investment performance and potentially reduce borrowing needs.

L&V programs encompass:

Domestic and International Cash Management of liquidity on a global basis - Our programs enhance local operations through centralization of parent shareholder control.

  • We evaluate each banking platform and collaborate with your banking providers
  • We will provide feasibility and scorecard the benefits of: regional treasury models, netting, pooling and re-invoicing arrangements, related party lending, receivables financing, factoring and outsourcing
  • Short and long-term investment portfolio management, and funding options based on investment policy and strategy, including specific country considerations
  • Our strength with the application of statutory and tax regulations, jurisdictional banking and commercial regulations, and cultural considerations enable us to provide practical and concise solutions for your business
  • Our business models will simplify the reporting process
  • Debt management - We evaluate your specific short and long term needs
    • Revolvers
    • Senior facilities
    • Convertibles
    • Paper
    • Interest rate swap
  • Bank Service arrangements -
    We will evaluate your existing banking partners to optimize their efficiency to achieve your corporate operating, borrowing objectives and internal controls. Technological advancements with your banking service providers are paramount for effective reporting and cost efficiency
  • We will develop, and execute policies and procedures
  • Cross-functional organizational solutions -
    we work in collaboration with your centralized and decentralized accounting departments and systems, business unit functionalities, legal, tax and trade departments
  • We provide you with the narratives required under Sarbanes-Oxley

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